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Michael and Patricia Fogden are nature photographers who have doctorates in zoology, from Oxford and London Universities respectively. They have been together since 1968, initially carrying out research in Africa and Mexico. In 1979 they became full-time freelance photographers and writers. Between then and 2006 they lived for about half of each year in Monteverde, using their home as a base for photography in Costa Rica and elsewhere in Central and South America. In 2006 they moved to Ecuador and now live in the Tandayapa Valley.

and Patricia’s photography is strongly influenced by their  background as wildlife researchers. They specialize in documenting the wealth of natural history stories that are to be found in Neotropical rainforests and bringing the discoveries of tropical biologists into the popular literature. Subjects that they have covered include: - the arboreal lifestyle of sloths; the breeding strategies of frogs; the feeding and defensive behaviour of snakes; hummingbirds and pollination; birds and seed dispersal; and adaptive coloration.  They have also travelled and photographed extensively in the deserts of Australia and Namibia, documenting the survival strategies of desert plants and animals.

Sue Fogden manages the image collection from her base in the west of Scotland.  She, too, worked as a zoologist early in her career and enjoys combining her love of the natural world with her subsequent qualifications in marketing for small businesses.  She is often assumed to be Michael and Patricia’s daughter but is actually Michael’s sister.  The best part of Sue’s job is joining Mike and Patricia in the field in order to gain insight into the places and species they are photographing. One of the first things she learnt in the Namib Desert was that Factor 30 just wasn't enough protection in such an extreme climate.


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