To purchase a licence to use an image



All the images on this site are copyright protected and cannot be reproduced in any form without prior permission. 
Please contact Sue Fogden for all enquiries concerning the use of images.

If you would like Sue to select a lightbox of images for you to review just send her your want list.  There are no search charges.

For a quote please send Sue details of as many as possible of the rights you require e.g. how the image is to be used, at what size, territory and languages required, and print run.

Comping images can be supplied on request.  Once you have made your selection, and terms have been agreed, high resolution images can usually be supplied within one working day (occasionally time zone differences will extend this period).  The licensing agreement becomes active once payment has been made.  There is a charge when a high resolution file is delivered but not used though this is, of course, included in the purchase price when the file is used as planned.

We are a business to business organisation and regret that we are unable to supply images as consumer products at an economical rate.  Consumer products will, however, soon be available via one of our agents and a link will appear here as soon as their site is ready.


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